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The Return

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PG Rated Modern Fantasy Series

"The Return of Legends" is the ultimate fantasy story. The Legends are a group of four women and four men from a wide variety of background and ethnicity, including a female chosen one, a Black African Elf, and a shapedshifter whose gender can be considered fluid.


A group of friends risked everything to save the world. They became Legends. Now they face an even bigger challenge: fitting in in the 21st century.

While trying to blend in, they race against time to stop a villain who wants to become a Goddess by killing millions, have to save one of their own from her unstable powers, and help another remember the past lives he's forgotten.

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The Daughter of Flames Narratives

Once Upon a Time Was a Daughter of Flames

Past Projects

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The Blessed, the Cursed and the Forgotten One

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A Page in the Saga

A Phoenix Story

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