The Blessed, the Cursed and the Forgotten One

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Episode 1

While being introduced to Magic by their Guardian, a sister and a brother discover they have a missing sibling. As the mystery is slowly uncovered, they discover that its roots are deeply seeded in their mother's hidden past. A past she had longed buried and had worked hard at making it all go away. As secrets are revealed, the siblings drift apart, realising more secrets lay between them than they had ever known.

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Some Fun Info about the Film Shoot:

Shot on Digital 8 with a home made boom mic, 21 Actors, 11 days of shooting, and two years in the making!

Part of the Daughter of Flames universe, this is a stand alone story. Though this was meant as a pilot episode. Should you enjoy it and wish to acquire the series, please feel free to contact us

Special thanks to Michel Aumond who went above and beyond his role as an actor to serve as an AD during the park shoot as we fell short that day. Special thanks to Denis A. Dion for his wonderful original soundtrack.

The SI Team has truly enjoyed working with the talented cast on this film.

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