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A Phoenix Story

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From the book series "Tyal the Daughter of Flames", the woman that was once a known hero, is now forgotten and broken. Further, the instability of the newly returned magic is affecting her power as she must face an old enemy who has managed to escape her prison beyond time.

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Production Fun Facts

A crew of 8, including family, a cast of 7, a rotation of 3 camera people, 11 days of shoot, just about everything going wrong… equals this movie!

About a week before the shoot, the original crew of 4, including a makeup artist, decided to cancel. Thanks to my wonderful cast, calling on everyone they knew, a new crew joined the project and made this movie possible.

On the first day of shooting, the original actress playing the lead witch, cancelled during a 6am voicemail message she left. Thanks again to my cast, she was replaced by noon. Further, the generator we used to light in the forest, as there was no other power source, wasn't working and had to be replaced. So finally, by 2pm, we finally started shooting!

And somehow we made it till the end!!! Congrats everyone!

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