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If selected, we do not charge you for anything. However, we are a small town publisher and cannot guaranty sales. What we can promise is book listing, availability on sites for ordering (such as Amazon), both a paperback and ebook versions available, a book trailer available on YouTube, exposition on our table at every con or book fair we participate in, as well as listing on our website.

Please use pub @ our or the contact form to send your queries.

What we are looking for, but not limited to if it's really awesome:

* Fantasy
* PG13
* Character driven
* Unique Style
* Culturally inclusive
* Gender diversity

Authors we like:
* Jennifer Fallon
* Terry Brooks

What we do not want:
* Unnecessary violence
* Discrimination
* Sexism
* Stereotypes
* Sex/Rape/Porn

Queries must include:
* Your Name
* Your Book Title (work in progress)
* Word count
* First chapter or up to 10k words in word, plain text, or PDF format.
* Short bio / background /experience / why you write
* Anything of relevance you wish us to know, just make it short.

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